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Showing 1 - 39 of 39 products

Showing 1 - 39 of 39 products
German Army Butter DishGerman Army Butter Dish
Spirit Burner Tripod StandSpirit Burner Tripod Stand
Stainless Steel Utensil SetStainless Steel Utensil Set
U.S. G.I. P38 Can OpenerU.S. G.I. P38 Can Opener
Brass Spirit Burner StoveBrass Spirit Burner Stove
Austrian Army 3-Piece Mess KitAustrian Army 3-Piece Mess Kit
British 2 Piece Alloy Mess KitBritish 2 Piece Alloy Mess Kit
USGI P51 Can OpenerUSGI P51 Can Opener
German 3-Piece Mess KitGerman 3-Piece Mess Kit
Mil-Tec German 3-Piece Mess Kit
Sale price$70.50
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US Canteen Cup StoveUS Canteen Cup Stove
Ka-Bar Tactical SporkKa-Bar Tactical Spork
Ka-Bar Ka-Bar Tactical Spork
Sale price$28.00
No reviews
In stock
Wildo Fold-A-Cup 200 mlWildo Fold-A-Cup 200 ml
Wildo Wildo Fold-A-Cup 200 ml
Sale price$12.00
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In stock
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Stainless Steel Camping MugStainless Steel Camping Mug
Czech Style Stainless Steel Mess KitCzech Style Stainless Steel Mess Kit
Stainless Steel 22cm PlateStainless Steel 22cm Plate
Stainless Steel Cooking SetStainless Steel Cooking Set
Mil-Tec Stainless Steel Cooking Set
Sale price$46.50
1 review
Only 2 units left
Wildo Plastic Spork
Wildo Wildo Plastic Spork
Sale price$5.50
No reviews
In stock
French Army Steel Meal TrayFrench Army Steel Meal Tray
Enamel 12 Piece Dinnerware SetEnamel 12 Piece Dinnerware Set
Mil-Tec Enamel 12 Piece Dinnerware Set
Sale price$84.00
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Only 2 units left
Swiss Army Mess KitSwiss Army Mess Kit
Olive Drab Insulated Mug - 300ml
Dutch Army 2 Piece Mess KitDutch Army 2 Piece Mess Kit
US Repro M1942 Eating Utensil SetUS Repro M1942 Eating Utensil Set
East German Army Mess TinEast German Army Mess Tin
Campmaster Butane Gas StoveCampmaster Butane Gas Stove
Save 37%Clearance
Wildo Camping Dinner SetWildo Camping Dinner Set
Wildo Wildo Camping Dinner Set
Sale price$29.50 Regular price$46.50
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German Repro Stainless Steel Cutlery SetGerman Repro Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Czech Army Folding StoveCzech Army Folding Stove
US Army Repro 2-Piece Mess KitUS Army Repro 2-Piece Mess Kit
Primus Collapsible ToasterPrimus Collapsible Toaster
PRIMUS Primus Collapsible Toaster
Sale price$46.50
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Only 3 units left
COELO Enamel Mug
Swiss Advance COELO Enamel Mug
Sale price$42.50
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Only 2 units left
Campmaster Mini Piezo Gas StoveCampmaster Mini Piezo Gas Stove
West German Borderguard Mess KitWest German Borderguard Mess Kit
Save 26%Clearance
Primus Mimer Gas Stove
PRIMUS Primus Mimer Gas Stove
Sale price$69.00 Regular price$93.50
No reviews
Only 1 unit left
COELO Enamel PlateCOELO Enamel Plate
Swiss Advance COELO Enamel Plate
Sale price$61.50
No reviews
Only 2 units left
COELO Enamel BowlCOELO Enamel Bowl
Swiss Advance COELO Enamel Bowl
Sale price$55.50
No reviews
Only 2 units left
Primus Litech Kettle - 1.5LPrimus Litech Kettle - 1.5L
PRIMUS Primus Litech Kettle - 1.5L
Sale price$93.50
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Only 2 units left

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