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From massive ammunition boxes to military surplus storage containers, we have the perfect storage solutions to suit your space. Browse our range of storage boxes, military jerry cans and more in our collection below.

Military Surplus Storage Containers

Our military surplus storage containers will keep all your military gear safe and secure. They have the versatility to store all types of military surplus, including army and military footwear, survival kits and more.

Military storage containers have a genuine, rustic appearance that is ideal for any army enthusiast. If you’re looking for more military surplus to add to your collection, check out our military clothes for sale.

Ammunition Boxes

Ammunition boxes are designed and built to store ammunition. These storage boxes are strong, sturdy and made to last through the harshest conditions. While primarily used to store ammunition, an ammo box can also be repurposed to store almost any type of item. It’s an excellent storage solution for all your outdoor gear.

At Army and Outdoors, we have different types of ammunition boxes for sale, from 20mm ammo boxes down to 30-calibre. We have ammo tins for every situation, whether you’re a keen paintballer, a hunter or just looking for a unique storage solution.

Military Jerry Cans

Military Jerry cans were designed and used by the German military in the 1930s. We have genuine military jerry cans for sale in our storage collection. These robust cans can transport 20 litres of fuel during your camping or travelling adventure. For more camping necessities, check out our range of camping and survival gear, and our military bags and packs.

Storage Containers

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