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Whether you’re planning a multi-day camping trip or an overnight hike, you’ll need to have meals ready to eat. MREs are the most convenient way to restore your energy on the go. Browse our range of MREs and ration packs for sale in Australia below to prepare for your next adventure.

MREs for Sale

MREs are ideal for situations where food facilities aren’t available. Commonly used by soldiers in the field, ration packs also come in handy for campers, hikers and survivalists. MREs don’t require the use of electricity or an outdoor gas stove, saving you a ton of time & hassle. An MRE will give you immediate access to a nutritious meal no matter where you are. They can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Our camping and outdoor cooking range includes a great selection of MREs for sale at great prices. Each MRE contains the nutrients and calories of a full meal. An MRE will give you all the energy you need to survive your outdoor adventures. Army and Outdoors also stocks camping dinnerware and utensils.

Survival, Hiking and Trail Rations

MRE’s make great hiking rations, and are ideal for survival situations. They have a long shelf life, some lasting for up to 5 years. Keep MREs in your emergency kit and you’ll never have to worry about going hungry. If you don’t end up using the survival ration on your hiking trip, you can save them for next time.

To stay extra prepared for your trip, browse our full range of camping and survival equipment. We have everything you need for a hiking adventure, including first-aid kits, outdoor cookware, emergency blankets and more.

MREs & Ration Packs

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